Frequenty Asked Questions

How do I schedule a ride?

To schedule a ride, please call 303.235.6972 from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please have the following information when you call:

  • Name of Rider
  • Date of Appointment
  • Time of Appointment
  • Pick-up Address
  • Length of Appointment
  • Drop off Address
  • Any mobility needs
  • Drop off phone number
  • Emergency contact's phone number
  • whether or not you will have an escort.

How much does a ride cost?

There is no cost to the rider. SRC accepts contributions from riders as donation envelopes are available from drivers or by the mail. A suggested donation is $5.00. Call 303.235.6972 if you are interested in learning about how much it costs us to operate the service as a non-profit transportation operator.

When should I call in to reserve a ride?

Call 303.235.6972 to make a reservation, with at least two to three working days advance notice. You may contact SRC up to two weeks ahead of a ride.

How do I cancel a ride?

Please call 303.235.6972 (or 303.235.6999 for same day/next day ride) to cancel a ride. It is very important to cancel your ride if you no longer need it. This can open up space for others waiting for our services.

To what destinations can I travel?

Service is available for travel to medical appointments, mealsites and grocery stores. Limited personal trips are also available.

How far will A-LIFT go for a medical trip?

Call 303.235.6972 for the boundaries.

Does A-LIFT provide emergency trips?

No. We recommend that you call 911 in the event of an emergency.

Can anyone else ride with me?

Yes, a family member can go as an escort, or a caregiver can go as a care attendant at no charge.

Are there any wheelchair requirements?

Foot rests are required. No more than two steps coming in or out of your residence. Recommend a wheelchair ramp.

How will I find out what time my ride is coming to pick me up at home?

Once you have made a ride appointment, you can call 303.235.6972 the afternoon before the day of your appointment to get your estimated pick up time.

How early should I be ready for my ride to arrive?

We advise riders to be ready one hour before their appointment time.

What time will my ride arrive to take me home from my appointment?

We advise that you estimate how long you will be at your medical appointment, or even ask your doctor how long your appointment will take, in order to schedule your return ride.

Who do I call with questions, complaints or grievances?

Riders can call 303.235.6970 or 303.235.6975 to speak directly with a Transportation Services Manager or Operations Coordinator.